Mzansi In Stitches Over Musa Mseleku’s Dance Moves – Watch

He is most famous as a polygamist, but yat least, now and then, you can count on Musa Mseleku to be a source of mirth around the country. Well. He showed this side of himself again recently.

In a recent xlip shaed on his TikTok page, he could be seen dancing. His moves werern’t particularly charged but they caught the attention of South Africana all the same. Most of those who saw the clip thought it amusing.

According to some of those who responded to the clip, he was doing things like a Zulu man, which was actually very funny to watch. Either way, the businessman appeared to be in the mood to entertain, and he did just that. You can check put the clip below.


wololo!🫵🏾😝 #fypシ#tiktoksouthafrica#trending#fyp

♬ original sound – braydin

Musa is a businessman, but if you should ask South Africans about his businesses, most would tekll you they don’t know. That’s because for the most part, the press has been focusing in his reality show and his life as a polygamist.

Musa himself doesn’t appear to care. He recently alerted the public to scammersusing his name and image to scam people on social media, aadvising people to be cautious and not fall victim to scams.

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