Mzansi Laughs At Skomota’s Expense After Seemingly Expressing Exhaustion From Fame

While some people are prepared to do anything and everything to be famous, and actually revel in being famous, local dancer Skomota, who became famous only recently, has had enough of fame already and wants to be left alone.

It is December, the festive period and a time that many just want to relax and unwind, and generally have a good time., As a result, artists are in high demand to entertain people. Skomota is one man who is in pretty high demand right now, which is not surprising given how he effortlessly creates a buzz these days.

However, in a clip currently making the rounds online, he appeared somewhat exhausted from being booked back to back. In the clip, Skomota could be seen as he announced his remaining December gis, The man with him pointed out that people can catch Skomota at his gihs in the coming days.

Skomota appeared unenthusiastic about what the man said and shook his head, the gesture wasn’t lost on South Africans, who had a good laugh at his expense, with some of them speculating that he must be tired of the life of a celeb and wants to be left alone.YOu can check out the clip below.

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