Mzansi Magic’s TV Series Umkhokha Trends After Season 12 Premiere

Mzansi film series Umkhokha trended after the premiere of season 12, invariably showing that fans are still interested in the movie as they were since season 1.

Umkhokha takes viewers through the storm of the fight between two families over the control of a megachurch following the murder of the church’s leader, Kwazi Mthembu.

The storyline is one that just about anyone who has been following the religious scene in Africa can relate to. Some churches have literally vanished following the passing of their founders.

For others, following the death of their founders, whether by natural cause or by assassination, a great power tussle for the control of the church had followed. That’s what Umkhokha is trying to explore.

A common narrative in the storyline is that most megachurches are mere businesses and people would do anything to take over the reins of power in case of any eventuality.

MaMzobe is one of the key characters in the series. After the premiere of season 12 of the show, fans could not help but comment on her role, how dangerous she is, and how far she would go to achieve her aims.

With season 12 generating so much excitement, expectations are high that season 13 would be just as memorable

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