Sho Madjozi’s “Drunken” Moment With Da L.E.S Leaves Mzansi in Stitches

Mzansi Mocks Sho Madjozi’s Disappearance After John Cena

Mzansi makes fun of Sho Madjozi’s disappearance from the public like John Cena.

Years ago, Mzansi singer and rapper Sho Madjozi released the massive hit “John Cena,” and the show took her to the top of the music scene. Since then, Sho has continued to drop jams but has taken steps away from the public eye.

On Wednesday, August 2nd, a Twitter user @DMN4ever poked fun at her disappearance, just like the popular catchphrase by John Cena. He wrote, “Sho Madjozi’s dream came true, she wanted to be like John Cena, and now we can’t see her.” The tweet quickly caught so much attention, and everyone had a good laugh.

One tweep called the dude for it but stated that it was surprisingly spot on. Another wrote that it “escalated the wrong way,” while another noted that “dreams do come true.” Check the tweet out below and some of the comments.