Mzansi On Lasizwe’s Claim He’s Ending 2021 A Virgin

Laziswe has amused many on social media after he mentioned that he would be ending the years as a virgin.

In his post, the YouTuber had noted he’s as clean as they come. But South Africans mostly think he’s pulling off another comic stunt again. The responses to his post so far indicated that most of his fans are adamant he’s not a virgin.

One of his fans asked him straightaway to stop lying to them. Another wondered out loud if Lasizwe hasn’t “eaten” or someone hasn’t “eaten” Lasizwe. You can check out other reactions below.



By the way, 2021 was a pretty eventful year for Lasizwe. His YouTube channel grew, and so, we understand, did his wallet.

While he claimed to still be a virgin, he did create some buzz about who he’s currently dating, and where the relationship was headed. Mr. Smeg had asked him out at some point, and Lasizwe had sought advice from his fans on how to go about it.

Also, he’d led many to wonder what his relationship with was after the two of them were photographed all loved up. So far, though, things seem to be in the cooler, as they have not shared similar snaps after.

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