Mzansi Parents Assured About Sho Madjozi’s New Sparkly Hairstyle

Mzansi parents have been told not to worry and assured about Sho Madjozi’s new sparkly hairstyle.

If you list some of the most influential people in the country, Sho Madjozi would undoubtedly be on the list for a good reason. It is more than just the music with her. Her hairstyles are iconic, and all the girls want to be like her.

The “John Cena” star recently took to social media and debuted a new sparkly hairstyle, and Mzansi can’t stop talking about it. And wrote, “I finally figured out the sparkle braids.” She also showed fans that the hair glows in the dark.

Mzansi parents went into panic mood, thinking about how much it might cost when their girls ask for the same hair. Hairstylist and businessman Lazaros Sumbane, in a comment to Briefly, said parents shouldn’t worry much about the cost,

“Parents shouldn’t worry about the budget, honestly, cause it’s a once-off thing as you only get to have your kids looking at the Madjozi during the December holidays.

“But if parents can’t afford it, they can try to make the child understand the family has the budget and that, as a parent, you can’t afford it now, but I’d advise you to save during the year for it. And also the hairstyle is not that expensive.”


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