Mzansi Parents React As Sho Madjozi Debuts New Hairstyle

She has long passed her “John Cena” era, but South African singer and rapper Sho Madjozi is still very much in the hair game. She has just flaunted a new hairstyle. But some parents are seriously fuming.

Sho is a popular figure in South Africa and a lot of young people look up to her. So it is not out of place to see them ape her in every way, including her hairstyle.

Now that is why some parents are already worried after she flaunted her hairstyle. Most feat that their kids would not be demanding for the same every other week – something they are not prepared for.

In the clip of Sho Madjozi making the rounds online, it could be seen that her sparkle braid was detachable. One of those who watched the video joked that the songstress has little girls in a chokehold with what she shared. You can check out the post below.

Well, this shouldn’t even be surprising to anyone who has been following Sho Madjozi closely. The muso has a way of setting trends without necessarily planning to do so. Talk about having an effortless charm that most of your compatriots latch to at every chance.

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