Mzansi Pick Their Favourite Among Ami Faku, Simmy, Msaki & Lady Zamar

Ami Faku, Msaki, and are among the visible and loved faces in South African music. But who is the favorite of them all, if Mzansi were to pick?

That question was thrown at South Africans recently by a Twitter user with the handle @_masheba. The post has been liked over 2k times, retweeted 191 times, and quoted over 500 times.

It was a completely mixed bag. Some of the respondents pointed out that Msaki is number one on the list. Some gave reasons for their choice while others merely mentioned her name.

Some respondents picked as their favorite, citing their qualities to back up their choice. For others, is at the top of the league and they would attend her concert instead of the concert of the others on the list.

And yet, some thought the Vth Season singer was the top lady on the list. Some respondents rejected all the ladies on the list, though. The contrarians are still out there.

well, we readily admit that the singers on the list are pretty good and can hold their own any day and anywhere, too. Also, having favorites in no way means the favorited are the best out there.

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