Mzansi Proud As Doja Cat Takes The Stage At The MTV VMAs

American rapper Doja Cat gave an electric performance at the recent MTV VMAs and she had many talking long after she left the stage.

The songstress dressed in a formal yet skimpy attire time and had a good time performing before her audience, some of whom sang along with her and gave encouraging gestures as well.

A video of her performance popped into X and became a subject of discussion among many South Africans, most of whom had glowing words for her stage presence. Yes, to most of them, she is the distinct rapper that she thinks she is. Most claimed her for the Rainbow Nation even though she is more American at the moment than she is a South African.

The basis for the approbation from most South Africans, of course, is her origins. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini is the rapper now famously known as Doja Cat. She;’s the daughter of a South African actor and an American mother. Dumisani Dlamini left mother and daughter back in the United States and returned back home to SOuth Africa.

This caused a little rupture in his relationship with his daughter, especially as he was never present in her life as a kid.

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