Mzansi Questions Black Coffee’s Son Esona As He Hides One Hand While Deejaying In The Netherlands

Like father like son is one phrase people often bandy around while comparing a father with his son. Can it be said that the same applies to South African disc jokey and producer Black Coffe and his son Esona Maphumulo?

Well, South Africans have got a storm of opinions about Esona’s DJing skills and style after a clip of him performing emerged online. Actually, Esona, who goes by the stage name Sona, shared the clip himself. It showed him at the decks and turntables in Rotterdam, Netherlands, having the time of his life.

In the clip, it was obvious that he had his left hand in his pocket. This provoked curiosity among fans, who grilled him in the comment section on the reason for hiding his hand, as you can see from the clip below.

Last we checked, Sona had not answered fans as to why he hid his hand while DJing. In that case, one can only guess. The most plausible is that he is doing that in solidarity with his father, who is known to have a damaged arm and works mostly with the only functional one.

But until he addresses the issue, South Africans can only guess and guess.

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