Mzansi Questions Kefilwe Mabote’s Source Of Income As She Buys New Porsche

Not only does actress Kefilwe Mabote love the good life, but she also revels in flaunting the same. In her latest show-off, though, she left netizens unimpressed, with some asking her how she had the money she used to buy the luxury car she flaunted.

In a clip shared by MDN News, she could be seen as she removed the covering of a brand-new Porsche in what appears to be a dealership. She looked excited to have acquired the all-black machine. Toward the end of the clip, she could be seen in the car, driving it in the street.

Last we checked, the clip had been liked over 800 times, with over 50 comments. The reactions to her purchase of the luxury ride were pretty mixed. Some of those who reacted to the post congratulated her on her new whip.

Some not only congratulated her but mouthed prayers of one day being in a position to acquire something similar and live a good life. And yet some couldn’t be bothered about her purchase. Unimpressed, they asked what she does for a living that she could easily afford such. You can check out the clip below.

Well, it is doubtful she would answer those wanting to know what she does for a living.

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