Mzansi Rallies Around ProVerb As Edwin Sodi Cheating Scandal Resurfaces

As far as relationships go, cheating is a perennial subject that surfaces again and again. Many reasons have been adduced for cheating, but dwelling on them is not the purpose of this post.

Not at all all. It is all about celebrated rapper and reality show host ProVerb, whose marriage collapsed following his wife’s cheating scandal. The incident happened years ago but has somehow resurfaced again, with Aotuh Africans trying to console and encourage him over the whole scandal.

In case you missed the scandal when it broke out, it so happened that his wife went on a trip with the businessman Edwin Sodi when she was still married to him. He was unaware of it initially but found out later.

It was shattering at the time and he attempted to end his own life. But his brother fortunately showed up early and rushed him to the hospital where he recovered soon after.

But the damage to his relationship had already been done and he would rather not get back with his wife again. They split.

Edwin Sodi is currently being investigated over tenders fraud, and with his relationship with ProVerb’s wife resurfacing, some tweeps are saying Sodi should rot in jail.

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