Mzansi Reacts A-Reece Boasts, “I’m The Best Rapper In Africa”

is not one to make bold claims all over the place, but the bold claims have been pouring with ease recently, the most recent being him saying he’s the best rapper in Africa.

He made the claim in a tweet earlier today, May 11. Last we checked, the tweet has been liked over 17k times.

While the likes might appear to affirm his claim, they still did not cover up the opposing voices, which are just as loud.

The rapper responded to the tweet, noting that can’t possibly be the best rapper in while he, Big Xhosa, is alive. This may not come as a surprise for Big Xhosa fans, as the songster had given himself just two years to be more relevant than Canadian rapper Drake.

Chris Excel, the de facto president of Mzansi black Twitter, dropped a scathing reply suggesting that The Boy Doing Things is the best rapper only to weed smokers. ( smokes weed and is a proponent of its legalisation).

Another fan laughed at the claim, sharing an image of Nasty C, ’s rival, seemingly suggesting that the “Zulu Man With Some Power” is actually better than the “Paradise” rapper. But is he?

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