Mzansi Reacts As Anele Mdoda Body-Shames Skinny Girls

Media personlity Anele Mdoda is under fire again. This time, she’s being slammed for shaming skinny girls

Anele Mdoda had shared a screenshot which referred to skinny girls as “skeletons” and chubbier girls, of which she is one, as “peaceful.”

Reacting to her statement on skinny girls, some fans had wondered how she is still the host of Miss South Africa. A particular fan had wondered what Anele says behind the backs of some contestants, given how rude she is to skinny girls in public.

Another fan noted that by her statement on skinny girls, Anele was destroying her reputation.

This isn’t the first time Anele had body-shamed someone, though. Previously and for years running, she had described American singer Kelly Rowland as ugly and not close to other Destiny’s Child members in beauty.

South Africans had denounced for the statement. This year, in September, when American realized she had been shaming their idol, they roasted her on social media. In the heat of the roasting, some South African had state that Anele Mdoda was on her own.

By the way, a car recently ran over Anele Mdoda’s ankle at the airport. According to her, she was saved by Cassper Nyovest’s Root of Fame sneakers.

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