Mzansi Reacts As Boity Spends Magical Moment On The Edge Of Victoria Falls’ Zambian Side Waterfall

Boity’s love for adventures was on display recently as she travelled out to celebrate her birthday. The rapper was at the Edge of Victoria Falls’ Zambian Side waterfall and took great pictures which she shared online.

As she noted in her caption, it was one memorable moment that would be forever embedded in her soul. It was a memorable moment, all right, but many people feared for her safety. Some argued that if she should slip from that height, she would be faced with great risk.

But then, as some of her fans noted, it was Boity’s life to live and she is doing just that – living her life as she pleases, lapping up all the adventures her soul can carry. You can check her out on her waterfall adventures below.

For those who are curious about her exact location during the trip, the songstress noted that her current trip, and the spot she took photos at, is on the Zambian side of the falls. She had gone to the Zimbabwean side last year.

At this rate, Mzansi is certainly curious about which other “side” her next birthday would take her to. We’ll be here to share that with you.

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