Mzansi Reacts As DJ Tira Gets High On Weed

boss was in the news yesterday for all the wrong reasons. Photos had circulated online of him smoking a blunt and then looking so high and unable to follow conversation in his circle. 

The pictures were sources of mass hilarity on social media. Even Prince Kaybee, the “Fetch Your Life” who is the only South African featured on Time Magazine’s 10 Best songs of 2020, wasn’t immune to a moment’s laughter. 

The songster shared the image of a high Tira. A storm of  laughing emojis graced Prince Kaybee’s tweet. 

isn’t the only one amused by the photos. Some of Tira’s fans shared their amusement as well, loudly declaiming the power of weed to doctor a person’s reasoning and appearance. One fan even asked whoever would listen to fear weed. 

While social media seem to be abuzz over the pictures of high on weed, the songster is apparently navigating the bends of sobriety and has said nothing yet about the images of him high on weed. 

What do you think about the images of high on weed, though? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.