Mzansi Reacts As Khanyi Mbau Says Daughter Khanukani Does Not Know Her Father, Mandla Mthembu

South African actress and singer Khnayi Mbau has just given an interesting insight into her daughter Khanukani’s relationship with her Mandla Mthembu, noting that the kid, who recently clocked 16, does not know her father.

Kanyi, who was speaking to a media house, noted that the last time Khanukani saw her father was when she was just a child and she has no memory of him, except the pictures of Mandla flying about.

Mandla and Khanyi had an interesting relationship that the public criticised massively because the age gap between them was massive. At the time, she was heavily criticised for being with Mandla because he was wealthy.

Well, Mandla soon fell into hard times, chased everywhere by creditors. At some point, he was seedy to be living in a seedy guest house and was chased out of there as well because he was unable to pay the R200 daily rent.

Khanyi had continued her life without him, but admitted at some point that it would have been great if she knew where he was – she could at least assist him. But that’s just a dream.

And bout her daughter not knowing her father, she and Mandla had been criticised by South Africans.

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