Mzansi Reacts As Moshe Ndiki Gives Pet Dog A Dignified Funeral

Conducting a funeral for a dog is not something many South Africans are used to or even care about, but some well-exposed peeps care for their dogs as much as their fellow men. One such person is Moshe Ndiki.

The actor and media personality recently lost his dog Sugar Ndiki and was deeply grieved. So what better way to show how much he loved sugar than to give it a dignified funeral?

For his dead pet, the media personality organised an elaborate funeral that compares favourably to what a dignitary might get at death. He invited his associates to the event. There were no dogs invited, sorry. You can check out some of the clips from the ceremony below.

The elaborate funeral provoked mixed reactions online. Some celebs were in the comment section to mourn with Moshe over the loss of his dog. There were the Instagram stragglers and critics as well, some of whom could not understand why a dog should be given a funeral – and so “pompously.”

One critic lashed at Mosher Ndiki for not knowing what to do with money. Another stated that since Moshe Ndiki has no clue what to do with his money, he should send her the money so she can take care of her needs.

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