Mzansi Reacts As Prince Kaybee Recovers His Stolen Truck

Losing one’s property can be a shade of hell sometimes, which explains the joy that usually follows when such property is recovered one way or the other.

Well, this has been the experience of South African musician Prince Kaybee. The songster has just announced the recovery of his stolen truck which cost him over R 1 million to acquire.

In a post on his official X account, the songster shared a picture of him and the track in the open and let his followers know the situation on the ground. His cousin was instrumental in helping him recover the track, he noted.

The post followed the one he made earlier about an employee stealing from him. He gave no details about the theft then. He only did that after he recovered the truck and shared a picture of the same on X.

The post elicited mixed reactions from his compatriots, with some of them congratulating him on recovering the truck and some making jests of him. You can check out the post below.

The laughter and jests don’t move the songster, of course. The most important thing to him is that he has recovered his truck. Every other thing is most likely noise.

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