Mzansi Reacts to a Prediction About Londie London’s Fall

Mzansi is stunned to see a prediction of Londie London’s fall.

Londie London has enjoyed an amount of attention from fans in Mzansi. However, the year isn’t looking great for the singer and reality star. Her relationship with her former boyfriend, Sphamandla Mabonga, seems to be doing her a lot of harm. Recall that she had shown off two car gifts she got from him when they were a couple.

The famous “Real Housewives of Durban” star dominated the trends following reports that her ex, Mabonga, was shot at a nightclub in Sandton. More reports revealed that police confiscated one of the cars. A source for Zimoja told the publication that upon investigations, police realized that the car was hijacked and belonged to a security company.

Londie London has since been slammed across social media. MDN News recently shared screenshots of a man’s prediction of the star’s downfall. The man wrote that he was giving her 8 months before she would fall. Netizens were shocked by the prediction and the accuracy of it.

@Sandiso__N reacted, “Kanti Slay Queens go through such hell.” @Evidence_Shongw also replied, “That’s enough time for an investigation to conclude.” @BoitumeloCaleb replied, “Geez.. Some people could predict the future.”

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