Mzansi Reacts To Lasizwe’s New Look

Local comedian has got a new look and Mzansi just cannot keep quiet. He’s been a subject of discussion since fans noticed he’s no longer their wig-wearing sweery.

In place of a wig, the YouTuber no wears a low cut, partially dyed white and black. Of course, this is not a novelty as far as hairstyles go. There are many peeps out there who had rocked the style before him.

Lasiwe himself shared several pictures of his new look on Instagram and asked his fans what they thought about it. The reactions were mostly positive. Yeah, most of his fans stated they love his new look. Others stretched the narrative, stating that they love him. You can check out the snaps below.

caused a stir recently when he was photographed getting cozy with Vusi Nova recently. Fans had wondered if the two of them were an item. But neither he nor Vusi Nova volunteered anything.

And because they seemed to have cooled down a bit, the dating rumors have also cooled down.

Easily one of the most entertaining figures in Mzansi, is usually the bloke most social media users go to when they want comic relief. And he never fails to light up the paths of his fans with humor.

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