Mzansi Reacts To The Drama Between Hlubi Nkosi and Londie London

Mzansi has shared reactions to the drama between Hlubi Nkosi and Londie London.

We have seen some of the closest lovebirds have fun with each other and then have some of the messiest public breakups. Londie London and her baby daddy, Hlubi Nkosi, were a pretty happy couple up until they broke up. Hlubi recently called her out for cutting communication with him.

He also claimed that the reality star blocked him across her social media platforms and also closed other communication channels. He says she intended to limit his access to their children.

He appeared in an Instagram Live session and addressed some of the misconceptions regarding him, including the deadbeat dad allegations. He also spoke about taking back the BMW X6 Londie was driving. He accused her of using the car to go out clubbing. He opened up about his reason for buying the car and said it was so his children could get transported easily.

He said, “I don’t have a problem if the car is used to do things for the house, not go to clubs. My children don’t live in a club; that car is for the kids.”

Mzansi has reacted to the social media rant. @MissKoki08 wrote, “It’s not even about the other guy having money for as long as she is happy he won’t rest.” @MbalzzMafu replied, “This is what happens when you’re a loser with money.”

@Asante_Ayanda said, “Speak on it, its just like you know who. He said the mother of kids will never amount to anything. She said watch this, Scored an international format tv show, a Rover, a Porsche & beautiful home. Happy kids, body banging, van cleefs, richer than she’s ever been. Girls always win that game.”

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