Mzansi Reacts To “Tinder Swindler” Documentary

The documentary Tinder Swindler has been a big hit with South since its debut, and the Rainbow Nation has been so devoted to it that the flick made it to the trends list.

The tells the story of Simon Leviev, a con artist pretending to be the son and heir of a billionaire while bilking women out of their money and pushing them into the pit of debt.

The smooth-operating Leviev would woo his victims with private jets, trips abroad, and expensive hotels. He would make his potential victims take loans to “help” him escape his supposed enemies.

Blinded by love and believing in a “forever” together in luxury, they would take out loans to help him – to their regrets, ultimately.

South Africans following the show have expressed amusement in how the story played out and how the ladies couldn’t see through the façade from the beginning.

Some peeps think Tinder Swindler is the ultimate resource for people who want to know how some conmen operate and avoid falling into their con.

How long Tinder Swindler manages to remain on the trends list remains to be seen. At any rate, Mzansi is having a good time watching.

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