Mzansi Reacts To Trevor Noah “Famzing” Beyonce At The Grammys

South African comedian Trevor Noah is a known fan of the American singer Beyonce – a big fan who doesn’t miss an opportunity to show this so to speak. Well, the recently concluded 66th Grammy Awards was another opportunity for him to show this. And he won hearts with his action.

The South African had hosted the Grammys for four years consecutively – a testament to his appeal and excellent hosting skills.

Well, Beyonce and other nominees were on the ground for the award over the weekend, The “Renaissance” singer and former The Daily Show host met at the occasion, with Noah happily “famzing” her.

The clip of that moment resonated with many South Africans, who responded enthusiastically to their meeting. For most, it was the meeting of two faves – people they would love to meet. You can check out the clip below.

By the way, Trevor Noah did excellently well with this year’s hosting – so well, in fact, that singer Taylor Swift singled him out for mention and praise for his hosting performance. Taylor Swift ended up with her fourth Album of the Year win, while Beyonce failed, once again, to clinch the title, leading her husband Jay-Z to call out the Grammys for the snub.

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