Mzansi Reacts To Video of Kabza De Small Looking Younger

Mzansi reacts to a video of Amapiano star Kabza De Small looking younger in the studio.

One thing is sure, Kabza De Small looks like he doesn’t age much. The star is one of Africa’s biggest DJs, but he’s been making music for years. Mzansi got talking after a Twitter user posted a video of the “Sponono” star from 2018.

The Twitter user named @Lord_4D captioned the video, “18 years old Kabza de Small in the year 2018. The thing is, everyone knows Kabza is 30 years old. Maybe not everyone, but most people do. The video caught the eye of netizens, and they reacted to how young he looked.

A fan commented that the star would wish he was still 23. Some called the Twitter user out for lying to the public about Kabza’s age, while some simply corrected him. Some fans just praised Kabza’s young looks but found it hard to believe he might be 23 in 2023.

@BradTheDiamond – “Don’t lie on a public platform, chief.”

@its_velisa1 – “Kabza De Small was 26 years in 2018.”

@majozi4 – “That time he looks like a 40+ grootman.”

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