Mzansi Sad As Old Clips Of AKA Celebrating Christmas With His Family Resurface

Christmas 2023 came and left but it wasn’t ob=ne of laughter and dancing in the Forbes home as usual. it was a dark Christmas because, just 10 months earlier, one of their own and the most famous of the family, AKA, was murdered in cold blood.

AKA was shot dead in the company of his friends on February 10, just outside Wish Restaurant in Durban. It was a brutal end to a brilliant rap career spanning over a decade. Since then, the family has been struggling to come to terms with the reality that he is no more.

This Christmas, an old clip of AKA having a great Christmas with his family surfaced online. It left many South Africans emotional, knowing he is no longer on the earthly plane and cannot have the same moment with his family ever again.

it also provoked anger among some South Africans, who are miffed that his killers have yet to be found months after a point-blank shot to the head left him cold and dead in the streets. You can check out the clip below.

AKA might be dead, but his memory is still very much alive. It’s just sad that he can no longer share the embrace of his loved ones.

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