Mzansi Says Enhle Mbali Mocked Black Coffee

More Drama As Enhle Mbali’s Ex Peter Sebiloane Drops Bombshell On Justice Huni

Mzansi believes actress Enhle Mbali mocked her ex-husband Black Coffee with the video of her holding a prosthetic hand.

Please take our advice and be careful what you post because it will always come back to haunt you. Enhle Mbali is the recent victim of this, after a video, she posted a while ago came back to bite her in the a**.

The famous actress parted ways with her ex-husband Black Coffee a while ago amid accusations that he abused her. She lost the case in court, promoting Coffee to share his side of the story and call for men to speak out more in 2023.

While fans are still torn about who to believe, an old video of Mbali holding a prosthetic hand has surfaced. Fans have accused the actress of mocking her ex with the video. This is still bad for her because she continues to lose supporters all around.