Mzansi Shares Theories As Murdah Bongz Breaks Down in Tears While Performing – Watch

What could have driven Murdah Bongz to tears during one of his DJ sets out there? That is one question many South Africans are trying to solve right now after the former Black Motion member became lachrymal while performing.

There has been a storm of theories as to why he while, with the most resonant being that he missed his former group Black Motion. This group comprises Murdah Bongz himself and Thabo Smol. They had a falling apart and the group disintegrated.

Murdah Bongz changed his name to Morda and was accused at some point of breaking in and “stealing” the group[‘s property after the split. He was forced by the court to return what he took.

Anyway, Murdah Bongz wept and Mzansi is pushing many theories about it, with nothing certain at the moment. One thing is clear, though. The only person who can give a clue about that emotional moment is Miurdah Bongz himself. And he hasn’t done that yet. Below is the clip that got South Africans talking.

By the way, while it appears like Murdah Bongz has moved on with his life and is happily pursuing a solo career, not much is heard about Thabo Smol these days.

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