Mzansi Shows Support As Londie London Breaks Down Speaking On Failed Relationship With Hlubi Nkosi

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban had a former cast member Londie London opening up about how her relationship with Hlubi Nkosi failed. Axxorisbg to multiple reports, she was an emotional mess speaking about how her relationship failed.

As early as last year, word had hit the internet that Londie London had split from Hlubi. At the time, it was claimed that the businessman was seeing another woman, and it had not gone down well with Londie. It was also alleged that she gave him the option to stick with her or move with the other woman, and he opted for the other.

Commenting on that claim, however, Londie noted that it had nothing to do with a side chick or side chicks. She doesn’t even know who they might be. She claimed to have been mostly alone in her relationship, with Hlubi not giving her the support she needed. So the relationship ended.

According to her, being a single mother to two kids was not really in her plans. But life happened, and here she is. Many South Africans have been showing her support and encouraging her to be strong for her kids. Hopefully she gets through this.

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