Mzansi Slams Eskom’s Advice On Load-shedding

Mzansi has slammed Eskom’s advice on what to do during load-shedding.

It is not news that Mzansi has been having issues with the Power supply for some time now. However, while residents have taken to social media to complain, Eskom seems to be doing what they can about it, including giving him some advice.

The power utility announced that it would implement stage 4 rolling out blackouts. This will go on nationwide until 5 am on Friday. After that, stage 2 load-shedding will continue until Saturday at 5 am. They further advised the public to invest in a few things. This also includes making sure they save their batteries.

They further advised Mzansi to use surge protection, buy a portable dongle for the internet, stock up on a first-aid kit, and invest in an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device for their computer systems. However, Mzansi wasn’t having it and took to social media to slam them.

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