Mzansi Stunned As Ntsiki Mazwai Renounces Her Family

Controversial poet and entrepreneur Ntsiki Mazwai has just divorced her family, and Mzansi is having a hard time processing the whole drama.

In a recent tweet, Mazwai, who’s famous for always speaking her mind on all issues under the sun, hinted that something wasn’t right with her family, adding that she’s distancing herself from the Mazwai clan.

That’s not all. In another tweet, it became clear that she’s not just distancing herself by word of mouth or even by a tweet. She’ll be changing her surname as well.

Aware that her decision might provoke a backlash from members of the public, she made it clear that she’s out to protect her mental health, and that fans and everyone else out there should respect her decision.

From the reactions to her tweet, though, it’s clear only a few fans care to respect her decision some peeps had slammed her for washing her family’s troubles before the world.

Clear, Ntsiki Mazwai isn’t bothered by those slamming her decision. It remains to be seen what surname she would adopt in the coming days. We’ll be here to bring you just that.  You may want to stay tuned by following our social media channels.

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