Mzansi Stunned Makhadzi Reportedly Owes SARS Over R6 Million

South Africans appear stunned by the recent revelation that popular singer Makhadzi is owing the South African Revenue Service (SARS) R6 million.

The “Ghanama” is one person many though least likely to owe the taxman seeing how she has seemingly handled her affair with prudence, buying multiple apartments. So the news of her owing, as well as the heft of her debt, was a shocker for her fans.

Her debt, according to documents, stems from her not filing tax returns, mostly for bookings and endorsements, for several years. While the songstress contends with the growls of the taxman, a friend of hers has seemingly absolved her from the whole drama.

The said (unnamed) friend blamed her former management (Open Mic Productions) as well as her former manager, Rita Dee, for the drama that is currently playing out. Allegedly, she was parroting what Makhadzi herself had told her in private.

Either way, South Africans are having a hard time processing the news that Makhadzi is owing the SARS. With the current story, she joins a few other notables, including Shauwn Mkhize and Sonia Mbele, who have been outed for owing the SARS. While Sonia is said to have settled her debts, there are no records that Shauwn has settled hers yet.

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