Mzansi Supports Uncle Waffles At Her Spring Fiesta Show

The Spring Fiesta had South African singer and DJ Uncle Waffles on the billing, and she did a great job on the platform. Her performance was not lost on her compatriots, who have been praising her ever since.

In a post on her official Twitter page, she shared a clip of herself performing at the event. In the caption to her post, she shouted out Spring Fiesta, describing it as amazing.

To fans, equally amazing was Uncle Waffles herself. They made this known in the comments and replies to her post, which you can check out below. They should know, perhaps. After all, they were all there when she blew into the open.

Uncle Waffles became famous after a clip of her vibing to Young Stunna’s “Adiwele” went viral. At the time, people who weren’t convinced about her talents gave her a couple of months to disappear as quickly as she had appeared on the scene.

Instead, she has managed to remain musically relevant, snagging fans both at home and abroad. In fact, at some point, she had the attention of Canadian rapper Drake, who followed her on Instagram. It was a big win for her then and continues to be a big moment long after.

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