Mzansi Surprised As Maroon 5 Performs In “Empty” Stadium

It was a surprise of sorts to some South Africans that rock band Maroon 5 was in South Africa and that lead singer Adam Levine even performed at an “empty” stadium in the country.

Lead singer Adam Levine had posted about his upcoming performance at the DHL Stadium in Cape Town. There was neither hype nor buzz around that announcement. This was also apparent as the American rock band also performed at the Calabash Music Festival.

In the case of Calabsh, the band performed alongside some international and local artists, including Shekhinah. But thanks to the lack of media hype, the stadium was said to be almost “empty” – not an experience that would motivate a musician or group. But that’s by the way.

Interesting to note was that a day before the inception of the Detival, Levine had taken to TikTok where he informed fans about the event that would take place the following day. Giving how things turned out later, it was obvious the message didn’t get the needed traction.

Anyway, this is one experience that the band would rather not see repeated. On that count, maybe – just maybe – more thoughts would go into creating more buzz prior to a show.

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