Mzansi Thinks Mihlali Did Bonang Dirty (Pic)

Beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase caused a stir on Mzansi’s social media again after she shared what many considered unflattering images of businesswoman Bonang Matheba. In the photo she shared, Bonang looked like an old woman.

Some peeps who saw the image denounced her, stating she did that on purpose and that she would share a group image in which only her looked good.

Mzansi Thinks Mihlali Did Bonang Dirty (Pic) 2

Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk had joined the fray in a sarky video in which he described Bonang as a second hand 2005 Toyota Corolla. He also noted that Mihlali shared the picture on purpose.

Amid the rain of condemnations on Mihlali, some peeps say they are not surprised that the beauty influencer should do what she did. They cited how she had been taunting married women and generally exuding negative energy of recent.

Still, some believe she could not have intentionally posted that “ugly” picture of Bonang because she would get dragged for it. You can check out some of the reactions below.

Mzansi Thinks Mihlali Did Bonang Dirty (Pic) 3

Amid all the noise, Bonang has been quiet. Fondly called Queen B by her fans, she’s probably still out there queening and unconcerned. That sounds exactly like the way to go. Or what do you think?

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