Mzansi Tweeps Slam Lloyiso Recent Tweet

Mzansi tweeps have slammed singer Lloyiso for a recent controversial tweet.

There was once a time when Lloyiso admired British singer Sam Smith so much and wanted to share a stage with him. We are guessing that time has passed because the “Seasons” star seems to want nothing to do with him anymore.

Lloyiso had fans talking when he replied to a tweet by a Twitter user who seemed to have meant well. The user called Lloyiso the African Sam Smith. For all we know, he could have meant in terms of his vocals and ability to deliver a song, or that Lloyiso might shock us with a new personality.

Responding to the tweet, the “Seasons” star said he would block the tweep. That did not sit well with his fans, and they took to the comments to criticize him. Some accused him of letting fame get to his head.


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