Mzansi Twitter, Anele Mdoda React To Prime Drink Selling For R10

Er, it appears like some South Africans are cranky and miffed right now over the price of Prime hydration drink, currently retailing for R10 a bottle.

if you’re a South African or have at least followed the coming into the South African market of that drink, you’re probably aware that it used to sell for R40 a bottle.

Around the same period, too, it was hard to come buy and some parents even took the trouble to import it into the country for their kids. Much was spent just for people to get their hands on the drink.

Now imagine Checkers, which had initially sold the drinks for R4o a bottle now running ads to get people to buy five bottles for R50.

What could have caused the change? Well, it doesn’t;t appear like South Africans are thinking anything in that direction at the moment. For the most part, they appear miffed with Checkers.

The price change has elicited some mordant takes from South Africans,m including popular media personality, Anele Mdoda, who seemingly implied the sheer clownishness of what has just happened, You can check out the post below.

At launch in the South African market, Prime trended and was quite the rave.

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