Mzansi Unimpressed As Davido Makes Tyla’s Win About Africa

When it comes to claiming the good among itself, Mzansi doesn’t waste time. And this perhaps makes the response to Davido;’s recent tweet about Tyla winning the Grammy unsurprising.

In case you missed it, over the weekend, South African singer Tyla made history as the youngest South African singer and the only female of her age so far to win a Grammy – her biggest career boost yet. it was a celebration galore back home.

We;ll, nor of those pleased by her win was the Nigerian singer Davido, who took to his X account to congratulate her. What should have passed as a simple message of goodwill became a source of controversy in no time.

Davido not only congratulated the singer but described her win as a “big one for Africa.” Those words seemingly rubbed some South Africans the wrong way, and they faulted him for it. One X user in particular, Paballo, pointed out that Tyla won a Grammy not from a group project but from her own release.

Paballo made it clear it was a “big one for South Africa” and not the African continent.

With over 12k likes to her post so far and over 300 comments, it was clear Mzansi was unimpressed with the idea of sharing Tyla’s Grammy glory with anyone. Lol

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