Mzansi Unimpressed As Master KG Flexes “Lit” Bank Balance

Master KG’s attempt to show off his wealth appears to have backfired, as social media users merely yawned in boredom and asked him to be humble.

The “Jerusalema” hitmaker shared a picture of him and a companion in what appears to be a field. While fiddled with his phone, his companion appeared to be observing what Master KG was doing.

In the caption to the picture, had indicated he was checking his bank balance, describing it as “lit.” his attempt to impress with how much he has accumulated so far did not impress some social media users.

It wasn’t all criticism, though. Some Twitter denizens commended the songster, letting him know they are happy for him.

is currently living the life – as the saying goes. The musician’s “Jerusalema” song has turned out his biggest hit to date, fetching him serious money. In fact, at this point, some think he can comfortably rest from releasing music and live forever on the profits from the song

What do you think of flexing his bank balance and the backlash it generated? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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