Mzansi Unimpressed As Zizi Kodwa Gives Bafana Bafana Players A Pep Talk After Their Loss To Mali At AFCON

South Africa’s minister of culture and the arts, Zizi Kodwa gave a pep talk to the country’s football team after losing their match in the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The only issue is that the talk left many South Africans unimpressed. Trust them to share their thoughts on the minister’s action on social media.

South Africa faced off with Mali in the opening AFCON match. Of course, it felt bad to have lost in the opening. but that in no way means the South African side is out of the competition. Not yet.

Anyway, the minister felt that speaking to the team and trying to motivate them would go a long way in inspiring a better performance and perhaps a win in their next match. So he urged them to get up and try again, taking all the lessons they could from their loss.

He made this known in a clip of him addressing the players. Some South Africans accused him of abusing his political position for likes. Some faulted his action, pointing out he never did the same to the country’s rugby team when they lost. See the clip below.

All eyes are now on the team to see how they perform, post-pep talk.

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