Mzansi Unimpressed By Khanyi Mbau’s Boo Kudzai Mushonga’s Skin Colour Post

Khanyi Mbau’s Zimbabwean boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga has been dragged online for dissing dark skin.

The businessman, who is reportedly a fugitive from the law in his home country, shared an old picture of his girl Khanyi Mbau, calling her “dusty.”

Khanyi Mbau is lighter now than she was previously. So her fans thought he was dissing her as well as people with darker skin, and they were not having it. Some fans think him silly and insensitive

In response to claims he’s dissing dark skin, Kudzai Mushonga clarified that his post actually had not malicious intent. He made it known that it was just chatter between him and his girl.

While many might not be impressed by Mushonga’s colour post, Khanyi Mbau’s half-brother Lasizwe is pleased for his half-sister. He thinks she’s in a a pretty happy place in her relationship right now.

By the way, when Khanyi Mbau made known her relationship with Mushonga, she was severely criticized, as the chap is said to be running from the law in Zimbabwe after scamming a company of millions.

That has not deterred her, though. In fact, at the moment, the two have so bonded that Khanyi has tattooed his name to her leg. What do you think?

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