Mzansi Was Not Feeling Ms Cosmo’s Big Brother Mzansi Set, Stokie Saved The Day

DJ Stokie reportedly saved Ms Cosmo’s Big Brother Mzansi set on Saturday as viewers were not feeling her at all.

One of the best parts of the Big Brother Mzansi show is when the viewers party with the housemates on Saturday nights. It is usually fun to encounter popular DJs playing amazing sets for the housemates and viewers to vibe to.

Last week, Mzansi was thrilled to have popular hitmakers, Shimza and DJ pH in the house. The reviews were off the roof and the viewers could not get enough of their energy. The housemates also vibed in the best ways. Sadly, the same could not be said for yesterday’s guest DJ, Ms Cosmo.

Although everyone expected a very interesting set, viewers were left disappointed at how “boring” it all turned out. Social media was immediately flooded with reactions to her set, and the reviews were not great. According to tweeps, DJ Stokie saved the night. Ouch!

Several viewers criticized Ms Cosmo for not letting some of her songs breathe, and changing them every 30 seconds. Others blatantly called her set “whack”, and said that Stokie was so much better. While Stokie played most of his hits, he charged up the floor and proved how much of a professional he is.

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