Mzansi Watches As Americans Troll Uncle Waffles

Part of the issue with being a celeb is that you are always in the public eye and people will always have opinions about you, good and bad. Well, South African musician Uncles experienced this reality recently.

The songstress performed at Coachella and then did an ad for Icebox. The clip of the ad popped online and the online crown feated on it with opinions mainly directed at Uncle Waffle’s looks. The Americans roasted the singer over her hairline.

One  unimpressed tweep wrote, “Icebox da cum.” Others trolled her the way they saw fit. It was a moment many South Africans had not seen coming and most of them decided to mind their business as Uncle Waffles got roasted. You can check out the clip below.

Uncle Waffles had no word for those trolling her over her looks though. She has actually achieved what many South African musicians, especially the ladies, hope to achieve but may never – inclusion in the lineup of Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world

What’s even more gratifying is that she is actually a newbie in the music scene in South Africa. But she is already an international brand and still rising. Can you beat that?

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