Mzansi Weighs In On Sonia Mbele’s Take On Polygamy

Polygamy is a subject of great interest not just in South Africa but around the world as well. So it shouldn’t be surprising when celebs share their takes on the subject.

Well, South African show producer Sonia Mbele has just dropped her two cents on the subject.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, the Sonia Mbele could be seen speaking about polygamy, it turned out that the mother of one is not opposed to it after all, unlike most ladies.

According to the actress, she is cool with a polygamous relationship as long as she has a measure of control over it, including being able to pick the second wife.

She also claimed that men are now scarce and women have outnumbered men. Probably, this was what made her amenable to polygamy. Either way, the clip, which trended as soon as it was shared, elicited mixed reactions.

While some netizens have no problem with her views, some claim that she is only cool with polygamy because she is no longer in her prime and men are scarce (as she pointed out herself). You can check out the post below.

At the time of writing, Sonia had not addressed those who bashed her over her take in the viral clip.

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