Mzansi’s Reaction To Maphorisa & Kabza De Small’s New Album

Check out Mzansi’s reaction to DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small’s brand new joint album.

Everyone knows that the entire country usually goes wild everytime Kabza and Phori drop a new project. They can release 10 projects in one year, and we would all still go gaga for each one of them.

However, their latest joint album with Tresor titled “Rumble In The Jungle” has not been getting the kind of reception it should. The surprising thing is that many don’t know that the Scorpion Kings dropped an album. After a Twitter user, @sammoyo_ stated the obvious, most shared their thoughts on the new project.

Some stated that they had no idea the kings dropped new music. Others claimed that they didn’t get Tresor’s delivery in the project. One user replied saying that she hadn’t adjusted to the new sound. However, the album has been hailed by many as a true masterpiece. Let us know what you think.


“Did Maphorisa and Kabza drop an album???”


“We only care about Sir Trill”


“Re busy sestere (We’re busy my sister).”


“Why can’t you just say you don’t vibe to boring music. Why can’t you say it straight.”

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