Mzansi Amused As Prince Kaybee Shares Old Picture And Starts A Picture Challenge

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Amid the Cyan Boujee controversy, South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee has taken out time to throw a picture challenge at his fans.

In a recent tweet, the dance music ace shared an old snap of himself and asked his fans what the ugliest picture of them was – a picture which, at the time they took it, they thought they were “fire.” He gave them an example with a picture of himself.

From the picture, it could be seen that it was in the early days of his career and he was not as famous as he is today. He looked happy in the picture, with his hair in a style that sporadically pops online these days – something for the youngish and aspirant to the top. You can check it out below.

Many of his fans were amused by the picture, with one seemingly unimpressed by it and asking how he could “unsee” the picture of the celebrated DJ.

Some thought there was actually nothing wrong with the picture and they said the same out loud, Some even claimed that he looked better in the old picture than he is at the moment. Well, to each his verdict.