Mzansi Questions Shaun Stylist’s Source Of Wealth After His TikTok Video Pops Up Online

South African DjJ Shaun Stylist had found himself as a subject of curious interest once again after he shared a picture of him and his pal flaunting an expensive Mercedes Benz van.

In a post shared on his official TikTok account which later popped on Twitter. He could be seen in what appeared to be a business district, with skyscrapers all around him. He was in the company of a friend with whom he flaunted the vehicle.

At some point, got friends, got in, tapped buttons in the vehicle, and the back doors through which they had entered closed. The clip ended almost immediately after that. You can check it out below.

South Africans who saw the clip were curious about what Shaun Stylist does for a living to be able to afford such luxury. Shaun is associated with the businesswoman MaMkhize, which probably led some people to ask what the young people around her (of which Shaun is one) do to be “living the life.”

It is unclear what all of Shaun’s engagements are. However, he recently released a track while also projecting himself to the world as a content creator and DJ. It remains to be seen if he will take the trouble to address those wondering how he makes his money.

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