NaakMusiQ Announces “Podcarst & Rides” Partnership With MacG’s Podcast & Chill Network

Actor and musician NaakMusiQ just snapped a new partnership, dubbed “Podcarst & Rides,” with ’s Podcast & Chill Network and he’s so excited.

NaakmusiQ is a great lover of cars, especially of the BMW brand. Such is his devotion to the brand that he’s been involved in several tiffs with fellow musician Prince Kaybee over which, between BMW and Mercedes Benz, has superior engineering.

NaakMusiQ will be discussing cars on the “Podcarst & Rides”segment of the Podcast and Chills network.

He announced the partnership himself in a post to Instagram, letting fans know he’s chuffed to have snapped the presenting role.

As host, it would be interesting to see who he would invite to the show to grill. A Prince Kaybee appearance will surely provide Mzansi a lot to chew on and for a long time, too.

By the way, the use of “Podcarst” is deliberate. The “r” letter was include in “podcast” single the songster will be talking cars. Is this a clue to the imagination the songster is about to unleash? We can only watch and wait.

What do you think of NaakMusiQ’s “Podcarst & Rides” partnership with ’s Podcast & Chill Network? Would it be another big success? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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