NaakMusiq Describes His Role, “Makwande” In The New BET “Isono” Series

Ever wondered what Naakmusiq’s role would be in the flick Isono? Well, Dstv South Africa has given a clue in a recent post on

Taking to yesterday 20 September 2020, Dstv had described as a complicated man, stating he is loved just that way. The post had a clip from the the BET series. You can check it out below

The post drops amid the reigniting of Naakmusiq’s beef with fellow muso Prince Kaybee. The pair had fought sporadically on social media over whose favourite car brand is the best.

Prince Kaybee cruises around town in a G Wagon and laughs at anything BMW, and drivs a recent BMW model and scoffs at anything Mercedes.

Prince Kaybee recently described and BMW engineering as “kak,” and Naakmusiq had threatened to beat him up over that. While that fight is yet to happen, Naakmusiq is busying himself on screen.

Isono, the series in which he would be playing the role of a complicated man, debuts on BET on 28 September at 21:30 (9:30 pm). You might want to make it a date.

And yes, if should carry out his threat on Prince Kaybee, we’re going to bring you the news a

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