NaakMusiq Has Recorded 15 Songs In Lockdown, “Nal’izulu” Is One Of Them

NaakMusiQ has recorded 15 songs in the lockdown including "Nal'izulu"

NaakMusiQ has recorded a total 15 songs during the lockdown including “Nal’izulu”.

You’d think that some of Mzansi’s biggest artists would take all the free time in their hands now to rest from their tight schedule, but no, they’re up to more work. At least, all the songs dropping each day are testament to that fact.

NaakMusiQ is not laying around because according to him, there are no rests, just hits only. The creative mind recently took to social media to share what looks to be the snippet of the 15th song he has recorded this lockdown. We are so not exaggerating, he said so himself. He calls it “Nal’izulu”.

The talented Mzansi star was previously in the news for being investigated by the police for going against the lockdown rules. Rumours also flew that he’s currently working on new music with DJ Tira. We are convinced that he’s going to take over the airwaves soon.

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